When the COE of Volta Childrens Foundation (VCF) was a junior in high school, she traveled to Ghana with a volunteer group.  During this trip she was introduced to the high numbers of orphanages, needy children and country wide poverty.  She was so moved by this trip, for her senior project,  she petitioned her high school to allow her to return to Ghana to start a formal literacy project at one of the orphanages.  Her School agreed.

It is on this trip as a 17 year old girl that McKenzie discovered, what we want to give, the items we like to donate are not always the items that are most needed in poverty sickened areas.  Upon her return to the USA, she told her mom she was starting a charity.  This charity would provide basic food, school uniforms and a safe place to live with supervision, love and guidance.  This was the birth of the Volta Childrens foundation.

There has been one name change (previously Volta Home Foundation), a large learning curve and a lot of hard work, but the results that you see here are the work of one teenager who had a vision and is not afraid to chase a goal. In 2017 she applied for and received 501c3 status and she recruited family and friends to be on her board of directors and help develop the charity.   In June of 2018 the Volta Childrens Foundation entered a partnership with  the Missahoe Orphanage and Montessori School.  This orphanage and school will be the main recipient of VCF funds and project development.   VCF has also entered a relationship with Food for Christ, a small group of people who are providing school uniforms to a group of children in the town of Tsito.

Now 5 years after that first trip McKenzie is completing her senior year of college, earning a degree in social work.  Although the charity is small, nearly 100% of the donations goes to the children.  The charity pays for one plane ticket for one board member per year and it pays to sustain its web page.  Other than that all the proceeds go directly to the children and their needs.    If you would like to volunteer as a fund raiser or participate in a volunteer trip to Ghana we would love to hear from you.

The Volta Childrens Fund remains a small Charity making a big difference in the lives of a small group of children.


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